Here are some tips and info on man­ag­ing your use of Tina and oth­er chems.

What can I do to ensure that sex on chems remains a pleas­ant experience?

Tina is one of the most pow­er­ful drugs sold in the Netherlands.
Prac­tis­ing self-con­trol over how, how much and how often you use takes discipline.
Doing so with Tina, in par­tic­u­lar, can be huge­ly challenging.

Nev­er­the­less, there are many ways to man­age your usage and to keep sex satisfying.
Such as decid­ing in advance how much and how often you will use.

Below are tips and tricks for exer­cis­ing more self-control.
Many of these tips are based on the per­son­al expe­ri­ences of men in the gay scene who use Tina and know the pitfalls.

1. Exam­ine your reasons
2. Usage method
3. Reg­u­lar sex net­work and famil­iar surroundings
4. Set your­self time limits
5. Don’t use too often
6. How much you use
7. Have sex with­out tina too
8. Main­tain your social network
9. Self-med­ica­tion
10. Crav­ing

1. Exam­ine your reasons

Men are drawn to Tina for dif­fer­ent reasons.
But the more you use Tina to supress neg­a­tive or uncom­fort­able emo­tions, the high­er the risk of using more and more and becom­ing dependent.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Ask your­self ques­tions like:

  • Why am I using Tina right now?
  • Do I have under­ly­ing needs for tak­ing it that can be met anoth­er way?

2. Usage method

How you use the drug deter­mines the speed and inten­si­ty of its effect.
If you slam, the entire con­cen­tra­tion of chems enters your blood­stream almost instantaneously.
This method gives you the most intense rush, but also the sever­est crash­es and the worst cravings.
Those who slam run the great­est risk of becom­ing dependent.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Usage method:

  • Weigh the pros and cons of your usage method.
    High­er inten­si­ty is not nec­es­sar­i­ly better.
  • Try to start by snort­ing or smok­ing it rather than slam­ming or booty bump­ing it.
    Once you’ve slammed it, it’s hard­er to go back to a less intense method.

3. Reg­u­lar sex net­work and famil­iar surroundings

Hav­ing reg­u­lar sex­u­al part­ners makes it eas­i­er to man­age your usage with­in your own limits.
A relaxed atmos­phere often makes for bet­ter sex, too.
At anony­mous or open sex par­ties, you are more like­ly to over­step your bound­aries, car­ry on for longer and use more.
Reg­u­lar sex­u­al part­ners usu­al­ly look out more for each other.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Reg­u­lar sex net­work and famil­iar surroundings:

  • Try to use chems dur­ing sex only with men you already know and feel com­fort­able with even with­out chems.
  • When try­ing a new drug, do so with men you already know.
  • Use only in famil­iar envi­ron­ments, at home or at friends’ or acquain­tances’ places.

4. Set your­self time limits

Skip­ping more than one night of sleep rarely result in a bet­ter sex­u­al experience.
In fact, you’re more like­ly to expe­ri­ence adverse effects like para­noia, exhaus­tion and dehydration.
Set­ting a time lim­it for the date can help you keep the sex on chems fun.
By not demand­ing too much of your body and brain, you’re less like­ly to crash hard or expe­ri­ence severe crav­ings afterwards.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Set your­self time limits:

  • Decide on a time lim­it in advance. You could, for exam­ple, decide: “Twelve hours is my lim­it for sex dates”, or “No more than one night with­out sleep”.
  • Tell your sex­u­al partner(s) what you’ve decided.
  • Set your phone alarm to remind you when to stop.
  • For extra help with stick­ing to your plan, ask a friend to call or text you when it’s time.

5. Don’t use too often

The more often you use, the greater the like­li­hood of becom­ing dependent.
Watch out for chem­sex ses­sions hap­pen­ing more fre­quent­ly or start­ing ear­li­er and ear­li­er in the week.
Give your­self enough time to recov­er between sessions.
If you nev­er have sex with­out chems, you’ll even­tu­al­ly start to need more extreme stim­u­la­tion to get a kick.

Lim­it­ing the num­ber of sex ses­sions on Tina will help to keep it spe­cial and max­imise your enjoyment.
Try not to let sex on Tina become one of the most impor­tant things in your life; main­tain your oth­er activities.

Because Tina acts direct­ly and for a pro­longed peri­od on your neu­ro­trans­mit­ters, it’s more harm­ful to the brain than most oth­er drugs.
The brain also needs longer to recov­er from the assault than it does with oth­er chems.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Don’t use too often:

  • Sched­ule no more than one sex ses­sion on Tina every 6 weeks; longer gaps are even better.
  • To avoid temp­ta­tion, plan oth­er activ­i­ties for the oth­er weekends. 
  • If you still want to use chems dur­ing sex, use some­thing else.
  • Iden­ti­fy your action triggers.
    In which sit­u­a­tions do you tend to over­step your boundaries?
    What can you do to pre­vent that?
    Try to recog­nise trig­gers when they occur.

6. How much you use

Your dose can steadi­ly increase with­out you notic­ing, just like your fre­quen­cy of usage.
Over time, your old dose no longer pro­duces the same effect.
The desire for that fan­tas­tic expe­ri­ence prompts you to take larg­er and larg­er doses.
So, set your­self a max­i­mum dose in advance.
If you don’t, it’s much more like­ly that you will use more than you want.

❗ Tips & Tricks - How much you use:

  • Decide on a max­i­mum amount before attend­ing a sex party.
  • Before the sex begins, tell your sex­u­al partner(s) what your lim­it is.
  • Stick to your lim­it, and ask your part­ners to say some­thing if you’re about to go over it.
  • If you’re arrang­ing your own drugs, don’t bring along than your lim­it, and don’t order more once you’ve fin­ished your supply.

7. Have sex with­out tina too

Men use chems like Tina dur­ing sex for a vari­ety of reasons.
Some men use it for an occa­sion­al bit of extra spice.
For oth­ers, it’s become a lifestyle, and the only way they can or want to sex.
Sex on Tina can be so intense and over­whelm­ing that all oth­er kinds of sex lose their appeal.

Tina releas­es so much dopamine in the brain that the eupho­ria pro­duced by all oth­er types of sex seem dull.
Many reg­u­lar users find their sex dri­ve is dimin­ished when they’re not on Tina.
They also say they need more and more extreme stim­uli to turn them on.
Some haven’t had sex with­out Tina in such a long time that they can’t even imag­ine doing so again.

The more often and more copi­ous­ly you use Tina dur­ing sex, the stronger the men­tal and phys­i­o­log­i­cal asso­ci­a­tion between Tina and sex.
Sex is an impor­tant part of many men’s lives.
Feel­ing horny then auto­mat­i­cal­ly stim­u­lates the desire for Tina.
The path­ways in the brain that asso­ciate sex with Tina become more and more firm­ly estab­lished, increas­ing the risk of dependence.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Have sex with­out tina too:

  • Plan no more than one sex occa­sion on Tina every 6 weeks; longer gaps are even better.
  • Reflect, often, on why you com­bine Tina, chems and sex.
    Ask your­self if what­ev­er it is you’re seek­ing can be found in a dif­fer­ent way.
  • Have sex on a reg­u­lar basis with­out chem.
    And when you do take chems, don’t always go for Tina.
    By also hav­ing sex with­out Tina, you pre­vent it from becom­ing unimaginable.
    As a result, sex will not auto­mat­i­cal­ly demand Tina.
    Even if sex with­out Tina is less intense, you might dis­cov­er its oth­er joys.
  • Take plea­sure in the sub­tle aspects of sex.
    For instance, pay close atten­tion to the oth­er guy and to your­self; notice what’s hap­pen­ing via all your sens­es, and how inti­ma­cy feels with­out Tina.

8. Main­tain your social network

Par­tic­i­pat­ing in chem­sex par­ties can be so lib­er­at­ing and excit­ing that you might be tempt­ed to spend all of your free time doing so.
When this hap­pens, it is often at the expense of social con­tacts out­side the sex network.
This can even­tu­al­ly iso­late you from the world beyond the sex parties.
Iso­la­tion from reg­u­lar dai­ly life can con­tribute to lone­li­ness and to a ris­ing dependence.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Main­tain your social network:

  • Main­tain reg­u­lar con­tact with friends, acquain­tances and fam­i­ly mem­bers out­side the sex scene.
  • Plan lots of oth­er social activ­i­ties that offer diver­sion and relax­ation. These can also dis­tract you from your crav­ing and broad­en your horizons.
  • Sched­ule these activ­i­ties on the days that you might oth­er­wise spend partying.

9. Self-med­ica­tion

The line between recre­ation­al and prob­lem­at­ic drug use is not always easy to discern.

Men some­times take chems to avoid the neg­a­tive effects of using, or to sup­press uncom­fort­able emotions.
A hit of Tina to avoid feel­ing exhausted.
Or to feel com­fort­able at a par­ty where they know no one.

It can be tempt­ing to also take chems when not on a sex date.
A lit­tle cap­ful of G to get you to sleep.
A few puffs of Tina to get you to work or to help you through din­ner with a con­cerned friend.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Self-medication:

  • Be aware of your moti­va­tion for using.
  • Do not take chems between sex dates in order to deal with the con­se­quences of using.
  • Remem­ber to allow time for recov­ery after tak­ing chems.
  • Accept that all-nighters on chems will leave you feel­ing rot­ten for days.
    Do not try to over­come these con­se­quences by tak­ing more chems.

10. Crav­ing

A lot of men expe­ri­ence a severe crav­ing for more Tina when com­ing down, or even long afterwards.
The crav­ing is much more severe with Tina than it is with oth­er drugs, and it can go on for a long time.
If you give in to the crav­ing, your con­sump­tion can quick­ly rise, and you may lose con­trol of your usage.

Crav­ing is part­ly caused by the fact that nor­mal brain func­tion­ing is dis­rupt­ed by the use of Tina.
You feel this most acute­ly in the peri­od imme­di­ate­ly after using.
The neg­a­tive after effects and the desire to sup­press those feel­ings also con­tribute to craving.

There are many trig­gers that can tempt you to use more.
Almost any­thing can act as a trigger.
Uncom­fort­able emo­tions such as inse­cu­ri­ty, stress, etc.
Spot­ting a nee­dle, syringe or chems, watch­ing porn, or chat­ting on dat­ing sites or apps can also trig­ger craving.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Craving:

  • Look for things to dis­tract you; do things that relax you. Keep your­self busy.
  • Do not keep any “reserves” of chems at home.
  • Do not check dat­ing apps or watch porn when com­ing down.
    Think­ing about sex can trig­ger your crav­ing for chems.
  • If you expe­ri­ence crav­ing, acknowl­edge it.
    Try to iden­ti­fy the specifics of what you’re feeling.
    Take deep breaths while doing so.
  • Try to remem­ber that the crav­ing will even­tu­al­ly pass.
    Imag­ine it as a wave wash­ing over you and crash­ing on the beach.
  • If the crav­ing is real­ly severe, give your­self a 5-minute delay before giv­ing in.
    Use this time to think about whether you real­ly want to use, and about the poten­tial con­se­quences of doing so. If you decide to go ahead any­way, at least it will be a more con­scious choice.