Have the dis­ad­van­tages of tak­ing Tina start­ed to out­weigh the advantages?
Have you been slow­ly tak­ing more and more Tina?
Can you no longer have sex with­out it?
Have you become increas­ing­ly iso­lat­ed, and been using it increas­ing­ly on your own?
Is your life start­ing to spin out of control?

Are you ready to quit Tina?

Devel­op­ing a depen­dence on Tina doesn’t hap­pen overnight; it’s a grad­ual process.
Men quit in their own time.
Some don’t recog­nise the need to quit until they’ve lost everything.
For oth­ers, an unpleas­ant episode may be the turn­ing point.

Some men suf­fer few symp­toms of using, even while their usage is becom­ing problematic.
Men often have a ten­den­cy to deny that they’re los­ing control.
So they keep post­pon­ing the deci­sion to quit.
A vicious cir­cle can eas­i­ly ensue: sex – chems – come down, repeat.

The fol­low­ing ques­tions may help you to clar­i­fy your cur­rent situation:

  • Do you often use more than you intended?
  • Are you using more and more often?
  • Do you find your­self crav­ing Tina between sex dates?
  • Do you need larg­er dos­es to achieve the same effect?
  • Do you some­times take more chems to delay or soft­en com­ing down?
  • Are using and recu­per­at­ing tak­ing up much of your time?
  • Do you some­times can­cel appoint­ments because you’ve used or intend to?
  • Are you using despite the grow­ing neg­a­tive effects?
  • Is your usage becom­ing less and less con­nect­ed to sex?
  • Can you no longer have sex with­out Tina?
  • Is your habit start­ing to both­er you?
  • Do you ever find your­self wish­ing you could cut back or quit?
  • Have you tried cut­ting back or quitting?
  • Are you find­ing it dif­fi­cult to ful­fil your dai­ly obligations?
  • Do you have rela­tion­ship prob­lems as a result of using?
  • Do you ever use while dri­ving, study­ing or at work?
  • Do you some­times use chems secret­ly when vis­it­ing fam­i­ly or friends that don’t use?

Be bru­tal­ly hon­est with yourself!
The more ques­tions you answered “yes” to, the more it sug­gests your use of Tina has become problematic.
Get your life back on track, and start now!

Com­mon­ly expe­ri­enced symp­toms of using Tina

Although everyone’s expe­ri­ence is dif­fer­ent, one thing is certain.
The longer and more inten­sive­ly you use, the more the prob­lems accumulate.
These can man­i­fest them­selves in a vari­ety of ways.
The fol­low­ing are the ones com­mon­ly expe­ri­enced by men that use Tina.


  • Severe weight-loss and an unhealthy appearance
  • Low resis­tance to ill­ness, and fre­quent bouts of illness
  • Tooth decay
  • Sleep dis­or­ders and a lack of energy
  • Rest­less­ness and mus­cle spasms


  • Depression
  • A sense of empti­ness, lone­li­ness and/or apathy
  • Despair and sui­ci­dal tendencies
  • Intense shame and guilt
  • Wild mood swings
  • Hal­lu­ci­na­tions and para­noid thoughts


  • Obses­sion with porn or sex
  • Dimin­ished or no libido
  • Over­step­ping your own sex­u­al boundaries
  • Inabil­i­ty to have sex with­out Tina
  • Repeat­ed STIs, or becom­ing infect­ed with HIV or hepati­tis C


  • Prob­lems at work
  • Debt
  • Fre­quent con­tact with the police
  • Social iso­la­tion and loss of con­tact with fam­i­ly and friends
  • Loss of job, home or partner