“Tina” is a com­mon­ly used nick­name for metham­phet­a­mine with­in the gay scene.
Oth­er nick­names include T, crys­tal meth, ice, tweak, meth or glass.
Some pills — such as Yaba, Des­oxyn and Cap­ta­gon — also con­tain methamphetamine.

Tina is an upper, and belongs to the same group as phenethylamines.
Ecsta­sy, MDMA, speed and 4-FA belong to the same group.

Tina is a chem­i­cal sub­stance and a pow­er­ful stimulant.
Its effects are sim­i­lar to those of speed, but it is much more pow­er­ful than speed because it acts direct­ly on the brain.
It can make you feel horny, focused, con­fi­dent, euphor­ic, omnipo­tent and alert.
Once its effects wear off, you may expe­ri­ence depres­sion, irri­tabil­i­ty, rest­less­ness and exhaustion.
Insom­nia is anoth­er com­mon experience.

Tina usu­al­ly comes in the form of a crys­talline white pow­der with a bit­ter taste.
But it is also avail­able in pill form or as trans­par­ent crys­tals in a vari­ety of colours.

Tina dis­solves eas­i­ly in water or alcohol.
You can snort it, swal­low it, smoke it, booty bump it or slam it (inject it).

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Metham­phet­a­mine was devel­oped in 1893 in a lab­o­ra­to­ry in Japan.
For years, it was used in treat­ing nar­colep­sy and obe­si­ty, and lat­er ADHD.

Sol­diers at the front used it dur­ing the Sec­ond World War.
It kept them alert, boost­ed their sta­mi­na enor­mous­ly, and sup­pressed their need for food and sleep. Hitler, too, was an avid user.

Metham­phet­a­mine became pop­u­lar with­in the Dutch drug scene toward the end of the seventies.
It was sold as Pervitin and men main­ly shot it.

Metham­phet­a­mine was added to List 1 of the Opi­um Law in 1976.
The pos­ses­sion, sale or pro­duc­tion of metham­phet­a­mine have been pun­ish­able offens­es in the Nether­lands ever since.

Since 2010, there have been reports of a grow­ing use of Tina in cer­tain pock­ets of the gay scene.
Its pop­u­lar­i­ty has also been on the rise in Berlin, Paris, Lon­don, Cologne, Lis­bon, Barcelona and Madrid.