Tina can be tak­en oral­ly, snort­ed, smoked, booty bumped or slammed.
The onset, inten­si­ty and dura­tion of effect depend on the dose and method of use.
Also fre­quen­cy, tol­er­ance and drug com­bi­na­tion are of influence.
Always use a set of scales to gauge your dose.

The faster the drug takes effect and the more pow­er­ful the rush, the greater the sub­se­quent crash and craving.
Men who slam their meth often expe­ri­ence more severe cravings.

Dura­tion of effect
Tak­ing it orally
Snort­ing it (Inhal­ing through the nose)
Smok­ing it
Booty bump­ing it
After slam­ming


Dura­tion of effect

Onset*: 20-70 minutes
Dura­tion: 3-5 hours
Com­ing Down: 2-6 hours
Resid­ual effect: Up to 24 hours

(*Depend­ing on the form of methacrylic and stom­ach contents)

Onset: 5-10 minutes
Dura­tion: 2-4 hours
Com­ing Down: 2-6 hours
Resid­ual effect: Up to 24 hours

Onset: 0-2 minutes
Dura­tion: 1-3 hours
Com­ing Down: 2-4 hours
Resid­ual effect: Up to 24 hours

Onset: 0-2 minutes
Dura­tion: 4-8 hours
Com­ing Down: 2-4 hours
Resid­ual effect: Up to 24 hours

Tak­ing it orally

When you take Tina oral­ly, it is absorbed into the blood­stream through the stom­ach lining.
It takes effect 20-70 min­utes after inges­tion, depend­ing on the con­tents of your stomach.
Meth has a slow­er and less pow­er­ful effect when ingest­ed oral­ly than when it is snort­ed, smoked or slammed.

Snort­ing it (Inhal­ing through the nose)

When you snort meth it is absorbed into the blood­stream via the nasal membrane.
Snort­ing Tina usu­al­ly hurts.
It takes effect after 5-10 minutes.
Hepati­tis C can be trans­mit­ted via invis­i­ble par­ti­cles of blood on snort­ing equip­ment or rolled-up banknotes.
There­fore, nev­er share snort­ing equip­ment with anyone.

Smok­ing it

When you smoke meth, it is absorbed into the blood­stream via the lungs.
It takes effect with­in 2 minutes.
Most men who smoke Tina do so by heat­ing it in a glass pipe.
Hold­ing the smoke in your lungs makes no dif­fer­ence to the inten­si­ty of its effect; but it is more dam­ag­ing to the lungs.
Allow your pipe to cool down between hits, to avoid burn­ing your lips.
Blood par­ti­cles with the hepati­tis C virus can be trans­mit­ted via cracked lips.
Nev­er share meth pipes.

Booty bump­ing it

Booty bump­ing means anal inser­tion with a needle­less syringe.
The meth is absorbed into the blood­stream through the intesti­nal lining.
Your body absorbs meth more effi­cient­ly when you booty bump it than when you snort, smoke or ingest it orally.
Booty bump­ing can cause severe intesti­nal cramps.
It can also irri­tate and dam­age your rec­tal lin­ing, increas­ing the risk of trans­mit­ting STIs.
To avoid trans­mit­ting hepati­tis C and oth­er STIs, nev­er share syringes.


Inject­ing drugs is often referred to as “slam­ming”, with­in the gay scene.

There are dif­fer­ent ways to slam:

  • Into the veins (intra­venous)
  • Into the mus­cles (“muscling”)
  • Under the skin (“skin popping”)

Of all the pos­si­ble ways of tak­ing Tina, slam­ming into the veins is the riskiest.
The effect is almost instan­ta­neous, and the most intense, because the meth enters the blood­stream immediately.
It is absorbed a bit more grad­u­al­ly when you mus­cle or skin pop it, mak­ing for a less intense rush, if any at all. If you were to skin pop meth, it would sit under your skin for long peri­ods of time even­tu­al­ly form­ing an abscess or oth­er nasty side effects.

Guys typ­i­cal­ly learn how to slam from oth­er guys in the gay scene.
But slam­ming pos­es health risks, such as devel­op­ing abscess­es, bruis­es, suf­fer­ing col­lapsed veins, and the trans­mis­sion of infections.
Hav­ing the right slam­ming tech­nique can help you to avoid lots of prob­lems and pre­vent per­ma­nent damage.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Slamming:

  • To be on the safe side, nev­er slam alone.
  • Learn cor­rect tech­nique (read the pam­phlet ‘Slam­ming dos and don’ts’).
  • Arrange for your own slam­ming equipment.
  • Use a fil­ter to avoid clog­ging up the nee­dle and dam­ag­ing your veins.
  • Always slam in the direc­tion of the blood­stream towards the heart.
  • Use ster­ile equipment.
  • Nev­er lick the nee­dle; it’ll no longer be ster­ile if you do.
  • Use a new nee­dle for each slam.
  • To avoid trans­mit­ting HIV and hepati­tis, do not share nee­dles or any oth­er equip­ment with anyone.
  • Vary the slam loca­tion on the body.
  • Imme­di­ate­ly after slam­ming, press on the slam loca­tion with a clean piece of gauze to help the vein heal faster.
  • Dis­pose of the used nee­dle imme­di­ate­ly by putting it in a nee­dle con­tain­er or some oth­er hard and lock­able con­tain­er. This will pre­vent nee­dle stick injuries.
  • For more infor­ma­tion and step-by-step slam­ming instruc­tions, read the fold­er: Slam­ming: dos & don’ts.

After slam­ming

Virus­es such as HIV and hepati­tis C can sur­vive out­side the body.
There­fore, nev­er share your slam­ming equip­ment with any­one, and take steps to ensure that no one pricks them­selves on your used needles.
Con­tain­ers for used nee­dles are avail­able free of charge at Main­line and at GGDs.
Met­al or hard plas­tic con­tain­ers are also suit­able for dis­pos­ing of used needles.
You can drop off used nee­dles free of charge, at drug sup­port facil­i­ties, phar­ma­cies, hos­pi­tals and GGDs.