Sex involv­ing Tina often involves oth­er drugs, too.
These may be uppers, down­ers or hallucinogens.
Lots of men also take Tina with erec­tile-dys­func­tion drugs such as Via­gra or Kama­ra, or some­times Androskat (see Chap­ter: SLEAZE WITH­OUT CON­SE­QUENCES).
Men often com­bine drugs in order to make sex more enjoy­able or to make sex prac­tices like fist­ing easier.
They might use a drug to min­imise the neg­a­tive effects of another.
Tak­ing a com­bi­na­tion of drugs isn’t always inten­tion­al: men often just take whatever’s at hand or is offered.
The inter­ac­tion of dif­fer­ent drugs can pro­duce com­plete­ly new and unin­tend­ed reactions.

❗ Tips & Tricks - When com­bin­ing drugs, please note the following:

  • If try­ing a drug for the first time, it is bet­ter to take this on its own.
  • Tell the oth­ers which com­bi­na­tion of drugs you’re tak­ing, in case some­thing goes wrong.
  • Com­bin­ing down­ers increas­es the risk of a coma and res­pi­ra­to­ry failure.
  • Com­bin­ing uppers increas­es the risk of heart prob­lems, car­dio­vas­cu­lar prob­lems and over­heat­ing, and can induce para­noia, psy­chosis and aggression.
  • Lit­tle is known about the new design­er drugs, thus their inter­ac­tion with oth­er drugs may also pro­duce unin­tend­ed reactions.
  • Some HIV and hepati­tis C med­ica­tions ampli­fy the effect of Tina, ecsta­sy, MDMA and ketamine.
    For more infor­ma­tion on HIV med­ica­tion and drug use, vis­it

Sum­ma­ry of chems, street names, effects and usage methods
Oth­er design­er drugs
Hav­ing your drugs tested

Sum­ma­ry of chems, street names, effects and usage methods


Street name: 3-MMC
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Close­ly relat­ed to mephedrone, but pos­si­bly less potent and there­fore of less inter­est to users. Accord­ing to some users, it gen­er­ates low­ers feel­ings of eupho­ria and has a short­er-last­ing effect than 4-MEC or mephedrone, and com­ing down off it is less debil­i­tat­ing. New on the mar­ket, and li le is known about it.
Effect: Ener­gis­ing, entac­to­gen-like effects, euphoric
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Nasal, rec­tal, intravenous

Street name: 4-MEC, NRG
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Deriv­a­tive of cathi­none (the active ingre­di­ent in khat). There is hard­ly any infor­ma­tion avail­able to users. O en slammed at short inter­vals to main­tain and/or enhance the euphor­ic effect.
Effect: Ener­gis­ing, entac­to­gen-like effects, euphoric
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Oral, nasal, rec­tal, intravenous
4-Flu­o­roam­phet­a­mine (4-FA)

Street name: 4-Flu­o­ro, 4-FMP, 4, 4-fla­va, 4-F
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Amphet­a­mine-derived sub­stance whose effects lie some­where between those of ecsta­sy and speed. Has become rel­a­tive pop­u­lar in a short space of time, includ­ing with­in the par­ty scene. Appears to be here to stay.
Effect: Ener­gis­ing, entac­to­gen-like effects, euphoric
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Oral, nasal, rec­tal, intravenous

Street name: Coke, Char­lie, Blow, Snow, White
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Stim­u­lant with a long his­to­ry and a rel­a­tive­ly short-lived effect. Local anaes­thet­ic. Active ingre­di­ent derived from the South Amer­i­can coca plant. The smok­able vari­ant is called crack, crack cocaine or base coke.
Effect: Ener­gis­ing, euphoric
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Nasal, smok­ing, rec­tal, intravenous
Crys­tal meth (metham­phet­a­mine)

Street name: Meth, Crys­tal, T, Tina, Ice, Yaba, Shabu, Shisha
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Amphet­a­mine-like stim­u­lant, gen­er­ates eupho­ria and its effect lasts longer than speed. Used by sol­diers dur­ing WWII. Pop­u­lar in “gay cap­i­tals” all over the world, and on the rise with­in the Dutch chem­sex scene.
Effect: Ener­gis­ing, aphro­disi­ac, euphoric
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Nasal, oral, rec­tal, smok­ing, intravenous

Street name: Keta, Ket, K, Spe­cial K, Vit­a­min K
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Dis­so­cia­tive anaes­thet­ic. Used as med­ica­tion. Ket­a­mine avail­able on the black mar­ket o en comes from India or Chi­na. Pop­u­lar in the gay scene for over ten years. Reg­u­lar use cre­ates a high prob­a­bil­i­ty of heavy psy­cho­log­i­cal dependence.
Effect: Dis­so­cia­tive, aphro­disi­ac, psychedelic
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Nasal, intra­venous, intra­mus­cu­lar, rectal

Street name: G, Liq­uid ecsta­sy, Aun­tie G
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Endoge­nous sub­stance. Used to treat nar­colep­sy. Dif­fi­cult to gauge cor­rect dosage. Use can eas­i­ly result in short-term coma or in more extreme cas­es death.
Effect: Seda­tive, eupho­ria, aphro­disi­ac, entac­to­gen-like effects
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Oral, rec­tal, intra­venous (rare)
Mephedrone (4-MMC)

Street name: M-Cat, Drone, Meow meow, Miaow, Plant food
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Cathi­none-deriv­a­tive. Achieved rapid pop­u­lar­i­ty (espe­cial­ly in Eng­land); appears to be on its way out. Use tends to com­pel redos­ing. Its effect, for some, is sim­i­lar to that of cocaine.
Effect: Ener­gis­ing, euphor­ic, entac­to­gen-like effects, aphrodisiac
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Nasal, oral, anal, intravenous
Methox­e­t­a­mine (MXE)

Street name: MXE, Mexxy, Roflocptr
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Very pow­er­ful drug, sim­i­lar to ket­a­mine. Long-last­ing effect. After-effects (drowsi­ness, vague­ness) notice­able for up to 24 hours. Of lit­tle effect when tak­en orally.
Effect: Dis­so­cia­tive, psy­che­del­ic, aphrodisiac
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Sublingual/buccal (‘under tongue’- oral­ly lim­it­ed effect), nasal, rec­tal, intra­mus­cu­lar, intravenous


Street name: M, MDMA, Mol­ly, X, Sweet, Pill, Candy
Back­ground infor­ma­tion: Used recre­ation­al­ly since the 80s. The most pop­u­lar par­ty drug for years. Ecsta­sy pills are cheap in the Nether­lands, and fair­ly pure. Most prob­lems come about as a result of high-dosage pills rather than on account of con­t­a­m­i­na­tion (with PMMA, PMA and mCPP)
Effect: Entac­to­gen-like effects, euphor­ic, aphrodisiac
Routes of admin­is­tra­tion: Oral, nasal (some­times), intra­venous (rare)

GHB and GBL (G, Liq­uid Ecstasy)

GHB and GBL are both referred to as G.
They pro­duce sim­i­lar effects, but require dif­fer­ent doses.
GBL must be tak­en in much low­er dos­es than GHB.
There­fore, make sure you know which you are taking!

The right dose can make you feel euphor­ic, relaxed, talk­a­tive and horny.
But gaug­ing the cor­rect dose is a del­i­cate art.
One mil­li­l­itre too much will knock you out (uncon­scious).
This can last sev­er­al min­utes to sev­er­al hours.
In severe cas­es, an over­dose can stop your breathing.
Dai­ly use soon results in phys­i­cal dependence.

Small amounts of GHB exist nat­u­ral­ly in the body.
But GHB can also be made from the cor­ro­sive sub­stance GBL (wheel clean­er), caus­tic soda (drain clean­er) and dis­tilled water.
GHB is a vis­cous, salty liquid.
You can­not tell how pow­er­ful GHB is by sight.
Its strength dif­fers per batch.

When try­ing a new batch for the first time, make sure you take a low­er dose than you nor­mal­ly would.

GBL is becom­ing increas­ing­ly com­mon in the gay scene.
GBL is high­ly corrosive.
Tak­ing it undi­lut­ed can dam­age the oesoph­a­gus and stomach.
The body con­verts GBL into GHB.
You need less GBL than GHB for the same effect.
Take no more than half the size of the dose you would take of GHB.

❗ Tips & Tricks - G Tips:

  • Pay atten­tion when mea­sur­ing out your dose.
    Use a syringe in order to gauge your dose to the millilitre.
    Syringes are avail­able at any pharmacy.
  • A stack­ing effect can occur when tak­ing GHB or GBL.
    Take a sec­ond dose before the first wears off, and you can over­dose quite easily.
    Wait at least 2 hours before tak­ing anoth­er dose. And then take only half the size of the pre­vi­ous dose.
  • Do not under­es­ti­mate G.
    One mil­li­l­itre too much will knock you out.
    Do not dri­ve after tak­ing G.
    Make sure you have some­one sober to keep an eye on you.
    If you fall uncon­scious, you are at the mer­cy of the vagaries of your surroundings.
  • If you notice that some­one is about to pass out, try to keep him awake with the help of painful stim­uli and fresh air.
  • If he has already passed out, put him in the recov­ery posi­tion to ensure that he doesn’t choke on his own tongue or vomit.
    CALL 112 for an ambu­lance imme­di­ate­ly. Be com­plete­ly hon­est with the emer­gency ser­vices about what drugs were taken.
  • Uppers like Tina can pre­vent you from pass­ing out as quickly.
    There­fore, when tak­ing GHB or GBL with­out Tina, take a low­er dose.
  • Try to avoid tak­ing G in com­bi­na­tion with ket­a­mine and oth­er down­ers such as ben­zos (val­i­um, oxazepam, temazepam), opi­ates (hero­in, opi­um, mor­phine) or alcohol.
    These sub­stances have phys­i­cal­ly com­pa­ra­ble effects.
    Tak­ing any of these in com­bi­na­tion with G sig­nif­i­cant­ly increas­es the risk of an overdose.

Ket­a­mine (K, spe­cial K, Keta)

Ket­a­mine is an anaes­thet­ic that pro­duces a trance-like effect.
It sep­a­rates its user’s phys­i­cal and men­tal awareness.
It’s usu­al­ly sold as a white pow­der, but also comes in liq­uid or pill form.
A low dose pro­duces a euphor­ic and trip­py feeling.
You expe­ri­ence a loss of feel­ing in the body and sen­si­tiv­i­ty to pain, and have less con­trol over your motor skills.
High­er dos­es increase the trip­py effect, the extreme point of which is known as a “K-hole”.
A K-hole is a sur­re­al out-of-body experience.
It’s like falling into an infi­nite “black hole”.
It is often an unpleas­ant and ter­ri­fy­ing experience.

Dai­ly use soon results in men­tal dependence.
Reg­u­lar use can cause kid­ney or blad­der problems.
Symp­toms of such prob­lems include blood in your urine, a con­stant urge to pee, pain when you pee or fre­quent peeing.
Fre­quent (dai­ly) use can make you incontinent.

❗ Tips & Tricks - K Tips:

  • Always start with a low dose.
    You need rel­a­tive­ly lit­tle keta to gen­er­ate an effect.
    It’s dif­fi­cult to gauge the right dose with liq­uid ketamine.
    Use a syringe with mil­li­l­itre mark­ings to gauge your dose precisely.
  • Ket­a­mine lim­its your con­trol of your movement
    Make sure you can sit or lie down while you trip.
  • Ket­a­mine makes some men nauseous.
    Don’t eat any­thing in the three hours before tak­ing ketamine.
  • If you have a bad trip and start to pan­ic, try to remem­ber that the effect is like­ly to wear off with­in an hour.
  • If you notice some­one expe­ri­enc­ing a K-hole, make the area safe and qui­et, and com­fort them.
  • Beware of tak­ing ket­a­mine with downers!
    If you take Keta with alco­hol, GHB, GBL, opi­ates or ben­zos, you increase the risk of pass­ing out, suf­fer­ing res­pi­ra­to­ry fail­ure or falling into a coma.
  • Some men expe­ri­ence severe stom­ach cramps (K-cramp).
    Tak­ing deep breaths some­times relax­es the cramps.

Mephedrone (meow meow, M-CAT, bub­ble, 4-MMC)

Mephedrone usu­al­ly comes as a white pow­der made of tiny crys­tals, but also in cap­sule form.
It pro­duces an intense­ly euphor­ic and mind-alter­ing effect.
The effect is often described as some­where between that of MDMA and cocaine.
It ampli­fies feel­ings of affec­tion and openness.
It can make you feel ener­gized, focused and extreme­ly horny.

Many users expe­ri­ence a nasty dip once it wears off, and a strong crav­ing for more.
This crav­ing is typ­i­cal­ly stronger with high dos­es and long-term use.
Sleep­ing through the night is often a prob­lem the first night after using.

Poten­tial adverse effects include para­noia and body parts turn­ing purple.
You may also expe­ri­ence nau­sea, headaches, dizzi­ness, exces­sive sweat­ing, chest pain, nose­bleeds (if you snort it) and agitation.
Mephedrone often results in a rag­ing hang­over, sim­i­lar to the infa­mous MDMA hangover.
Symp­toms include lethar­gy, depres­sion and irritability.

❗ Tips & Tricks - Mephedrone Tips:

  • Not much is known about the long-term effects and risks.
    You would be a guinea pig in your own experiment.
  • Always start with a low dose.
  • Wait at least an hour and a half before tak­ing anoth­er dose.
  • Try to avoid tak­ing mephedrone in com­bi­na­tion with oth­er uppers, such as ecsta­sy, Tina, speed, cocaine or 4-MEC.
    Com­bin­ing uppers increas­es the risk of expe­ri­enc­ing car­dio­vas­cu­lar prob­lems and overheating.
  • Mephedrone rais­es the blood pressure.
    Do not use mephedrone if you already have heart problems.

Oth­er design­er drugs (new psy­choac­tive substances)

Chems like 4-FA, 4-MEC, 3-MMC and MXE are becom­ing increas­ing­ly com­mon in the gay scene.
Almost all of the design­er drugs on the mar­ket come in pow­der form.
These chems can be snort­ed, ingest­ed oral­ly (wrapped in cig­a­rette paper), booty bumped or slammed (into veins or muscles).
Lit­tle is known about their long-term effects or addictiveness.
It is very impor­tant to use pre­cise scales to mea­sure out your dose.

4-FA, also known as 4-FMP is an amphetamine.

It’s usu­al­ly ingest­ed oral­ly in pill or pow­der form, and takes effect after about an hour.
It’s a stim­u­lant, and its effect lies some­where between that of ecsta­sy (MDMA) and speed.
Its effect lasts about 4 to 6 hours, but it may keep you awake for much longer.
High dos­es or tak­ing it in com­bi­na­tion with oth­er uppers increas­es the risk of over­heat­ing, and expe­ri­enc­ing heart prob­lems, and the result­ing dip lasts for days.
4-MEC is a vari­ant of mephedrone, and lit­tle is known about it.

4-MEC is a euphor­ic stimulant.
Anec­do­tal reports sug­gest a low­er lev­el of crav­ing and a lighter crash than with mephedrone.
But the rush and over­all effect are also less intense than mephedrone’s.
3-MMC stands for 3-Methylmethcathinone.

It is a new sub­stance about which lit­tle is known.
3-MMC is a vari­ant of mephedrone and 4-MEC.
Its effect is of a short­er dura­tion, and less euphor­ic, than that of 4-MEC.
As a result, the dip after­wards is less severe.

MXE (Methox­e­t­a­mine) is a dis­so­cia­tive drug that sep­a­rates its user’s phys­i­cal and men­tal awareness.

It’s sim­i­lar to ket­a­mine, but much stronger.
It usu­al­ly comes in pow­der form, but is some­times also sold in crys­tal or liq­uid form.
MXE is usu­al­ly snort­ed or ingest­ed oral­ly, but some slam it into the muscles.
Be care­ful when tak­ing a sec­ond dose once the first starts to wear off.
A stack­ing effect can occur, which can eas­i­ly result in an overdose.
Tak­ing MXE in com­bi­na­tion with ket­a­mine or oth­er down­ers (GBL, GHB, opi­ates, ben­zos, alco­hol) can result in a life-threat­en­ing overdose.

Hav­ing your drugs tested

Drugs can vary quite sig­nif­i­cant­ly in strength.
Tak­ing a 100mg ecsta­sy pill is quite dif­fer­ent from tak­ing a 200 mg one.
GHB batch­es often dif­fer in strength, too.
It can be the dif­fer­ence between hav­ing hot sex and pass­ing out.
To increase prof­its, drugs are often cut with oth­er substances.
These adul­ter­ants can some­times be lethal, or trig­ger unin­tend­ed reactions.

In order to use more respon­si­bly and avoid over­dos­ing, it is high­ly advis­able to always have your drugs test­ed before tak­ing them.
Espe­cial­ly if you’re buy­ing from a new deal­er, or from the same deal­er with a new batch.
You can have your drugs test­ed anony­mous­ly in the Netherlands.
The min­i­mum for pow­dered drugs is 100 mg.
A whole pill is need­ed for ecstasy.
Results usu­al­ly take a week.

Check here to find a test­ing facil­i­ty in your neighbourhood.